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Estate Agency Mondial is specialized in international real estate. With decades of experience in the industry and a diverse international team operating from the Netherlands, Spain, Dubai, and many other countries, Estate Agency Mondial is the real estate agency you seek for all your global real estate needs. At Estate Agency Mondial, your real estate vision is our mission to achieve. We are here to guide you before and during the international real estate acquisition to guide you after the purchase.

Our service fee is covered by the selling party or real estate developer, offering you an excellent opportunity to explore various real estate options and secure capital for later.

  • The Estate Agency Mondial service is wide-ranging. The international team consists of experts in the field of agents, mortgage & legal advisors, contractors, and interior designers. We hold value in ensuring you have one point of contact. Our team is highly knowledgeable about the market, and we are available to address any questions. We have built solid relationships and connections over the years to warrant you get the best deals. We will provide you with all the information to make an informed decision.
  • The Estate Agency Mondial field of expertise offers a complete scope navigating all aspects of international real estate, both on a purchase and long or short-stay rental basis. Whether you seek a cosy seaside one-bedroom apartment, luxurious penthouse, big mansion, or anything in between, our dedicated agents will find the perfect property that fits your lifestyle and investment need. The team will advise you on local legislation, guide all steps to secure your mortgage, recommend the best rental structures and handle the day-to-day in close contact.

But then again, the service of Estate Agency Mondial reaches further. Our architects & interior designers can transform your home in any style and remodel it per your dreams. In this, the team manages the process from start to finish, resulting in additional property value and driving up gross rental yields in case of rental.

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